How-to documentation GitHub Better Documentation Is Within Reach

Better Documentation Is Within Reach

Good docs help people use your work, but they have other benefits too. They encourage community contributions. They save you from your past self when you’re revisiting your own code six months from now. And they help you think: much like talking to a rubber duck helps you find bugs, carefully documenting your work for users helps you see it from a different perspective and design better code.

Roundup events Event Roundup, Aug 24

Event Roundup, Aug 24

This week the Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires Media Party brings hundreds of news nerds to Argentina.

Roundup News Nerd Roundup, Aug 21

News Nerd Roundup, Aug 21

A few of our favorite pieces from the Los Angeles Times, NPR, the Post and Courier and more.

Roundup events Event Roundup, Aug 17

Event Roundup, Aug 17

A few meetups this week, plus it’s your last chance to apply to be a 2016 Knight-Mozilla Fellow.

How-to charts If Your Reporters Aren’t Making Their Own Charts You’re Wasting Everyone’s Time

If Your Reporters Aren't Making Their Own Charts You're Wasting Everyone's Time

Someone could screw it up” is a terrible excuse not to cede control. We hear it often as a defense of why a newsroom doesn’t let its reporters make their own charts. It sounds reasonable enough, but when you consider the deluge of other types of content that come out of a newsroom getting swiftly edited to the highest standard, it becomes easy to see how the possibility of “screwing it up” is a terrible excuse. It’s time to think about and produce graphics in the same way that we do paragraphs: crafted by a reporter and vetted by an editor for both substance and style.

Project Rethinking the Building Blocks of a Chronicle Interactive

Rethinking the Building Blocks of a Chronicle Interactive

The Airbnb Effect, the San Francisco Chronicle’s follow-up story to a 2014 analysis of Airbnb listings in the city, was the first project the Chronicle’s Interactive desk published. The project tested the limits of the Chronicle’s CMS, and it is now the baseline we’re using for our larger enterprise features. Here’s a look at how it got started.

Roundup events Event Roundup, Aug 10

Event Roundup, Aug 10

If you’re in Germany, you have a couple chances this week to learn about the Knight-Mozilla Fellowships.

Tool maps data visualization JavaScript Building on Data Viz for All

Building on Data Viz for All

Helping newsrooms improve interactive graphics and data visualizations by making them more accessible to all users.

Tool Doc2Media opennews DocumentCloud Code Convening Opening Up Doc2Media

Opening Up Doc2Media

Earlier this year at La Nación, we developed Doc2Media, an app that adds media resources to documents hosted on DocumentCloud. We created it to visualize hearings from a famous trial led by Alberto Nisman, a prosecutor who died in unclear circumstances hours before testifying against the Argentinian president. After we finished the project, we wanted to extend its functionality and abstract it to a tool that can be used in other projects as well as by other newsrooms.

How-to reproducible data analysis What We’ve Learned About Sharing Our Data Analysis

What We’ve Learned About Sharing Our Data Analysis

Last Friday morning, Jessica Garrison, Ken Bensinger, and I published a BuzzFeed News investigation highlighting the ease with which American employers have exploited and abused a particular type of foreign worker—those on seasonal H–2 visas. That same morning, we published the corresponding data, methodologies, and analytic code on GitHub. This isn’t the first time we’ve open-sourced our data and analysis; far from it. But the H–2 project represents our most ambitious effort yet. In this post, I’ll describe our current thinking on “reproducible data analyses,” and how the H–2 project reflects those thoughts.

Tool Electron desktop apps Introducing Aufbau

Introducing Aufbau

Remembering where all our tools live and how to use them can be tiresome, even for us. As a potential solution, we’re experimenting with packaging these previously web apps into a desktop application using GitHub’s Electron framework, which NPR has also been experimenting with for photo tools. The project is called Aufbau and it’s up on GitHub.

Project Autotune opennews Code Convening Demo Sites Are Weird

Demo Sites Are Weird

Since the launch of Autotune, we have been approached by people interested in adopting it for their own newsrooms. While a lot of people didn’t mind diving right into the set up, a few people asked us “Is there anywhere I can try this out?”. Fueled by the amazing coffee selection at the most recent OpenNews code convening in Portland, we decided to build a demo site that allows users to try building projects and get a feel for the framework.

Project elections mapping LeafletJS Draw Your Own Election Adventure

Draw Your Own Election Adventure

At La Nación, we have been working on real-time coverage of Buenos Aires elections, as well as a more detailed view results once we get data for each polling station. In this post, we’ll to explain our mapping-app innovation that allows readers to choose what parts of the city they are interested in by drawing shapes over a basemap, and then returns custom results for their selected area.

Roundup events Event Roundup, Aug 3

Demos at Hacks/Hackers meetups this week in Seattle and next week in New York.

Roundup News Nerd Roundup, July 31, 2015

News Nerd Roundup, July 31, 2015

Recent pieces that we loved from ProPublica and Matter, BuzzFeed, the Daily Herald and WBEZ, New York Magazine, and more.

Project social media Code Convening image tools Introducing Lunchbox

Introducing Lunchbox

At the OpenNews July 2015 Code Convening, the NPR Visuals Team built and released a desktop app for creating shareable images across social media platforms.

Roundup user research user-centered design SRCCON A User-Centered Conversation at SRCCON

A User-Centered Conversation at SRCCON

At SRCCON, we heard a lot about a user-centered approach. What does that mean for journalism?

Roundup opennews Code Convening Fellows + Code Convening = New Open Source Tools

Fellows + Code Convening = New Open Source Tools

Our fifth OpenNews code convening wrapped up last Friday. Uniquely for our convenings, this one included all seven of our current Knight-Mozilla Fellows, each working with a colleague from their news organization or another organization with shared challenges and complimentary skills. Over the next week, we’ll be posting project introductions from each of the seven project teams that joined us in Portland for the event. In the interim, a quick intro to the teams, the projects they brought to the convening, and what they got done.

Roundup events Event Roundup, July 27

Event Roundup, July 27

Meetups this week in Austin, Tokyo, NYC, DC, Bogota, Miami, and Montevideo, plus it’s your last chance to pitch to the Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires Media Party

Project satellite imagery mapping How We Made Losing Ground

How We Made Losing Ground

How we tracked down, processed, filtered, revisualized, mashed up, and otherwise handled a boatload of disparate imagery to map changes in the Louisiana coastline backward and forward in time.