How-to TopoJSON svg SVG mapping D3 animation Animating Maps with D3 and TopoJSON

Animating Maps with D3 and TopoJSON

An exploration of an easy way to animate paths in SVG maps.

Project jQuery D3 animation Underscore visualization Meet Bloomberg’s Dataview

Meet Bloomberg's Dataview

One of our most recent works, “How Americans Die,” is an instance of what we call a “dataview.” The impetus behind dataview was a hope to provide clear and concise storytelling, while giving the supporting data more prominence and explorability.

Tool filmstrips animation Animation With Filmstrips

Animation With Filmstrips

The code and thinking behind NPR’s implementation of the JPEG “filmstrip” technique in “Planet Money Makes A T-Shirt.”

Project animation mapping interactive Google Maps JSON Replaying A Night in the Life of a Cabbie

Replaying A Night in the Life of a Cabbie

At The Boston Globe, I was charged with helping readers understand that struggle—to experience a night in the life of a cab driver—using a digital interactive. The result was published alongside an amazing article by the Globe’s resident journalist-sportswriter-cabbie, Bob Hohler.