Project campaign finance Python Introducing Bedfellows

Introducing Bedfellows

The financial relationship between PAC contributors and recipients can be difficult to divine from the information reported to the FEC. Bedfellows is a new Python library based on a model developed at The Upshot for understanding those relationships via several different measures.

Project campaign finance collaboration How to Build an App for 14 Member Newsrooms

How to Build an App for 14 Member Newsrooms

What INN’s newsroom technology team learned about inter-organizational collaboration while building Power Players, and what they’ll do differently next time.

Project campaign finance Python Django machine learning Chase Davis on fec-standardizer

Chase Davis on fec-standardizer

Chase Davis breaks down his fec-standardizer project and explains where it’s going next.

Project campaign finance data analysis APIs Free the Files API + Q&A with Al Shaw

Free the Files API + Q&A with Al Shaw

ProPublica’s interactive data-analysis project gets an API, and Al Shaw answers our development questions about the making of Free the Files.