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Ultralight CMSes Head to Head

Ultralight CMSes are, in many ways, the product of hacking or infecting the CMS. Here’s a breakdown of a few popular ones, complete with setup instructions, pro/cons, and newsroom case studies.

Project Google Spreadsheets Python Flask CMS Tarbell Meet Tarbell

Meet Tarbell

Introducing a very simple content management system from the Tribapps team (and friends).

Learning ethics Public Info Doesn’t Always Want to Be Free

Public Info Doesn’t Always Want to Be Free

Matt Waite on how using mug shots of recently arrested perps lead to a cascading set of ethical quandaries.

Project Solr CMS search Fast Hacks: Solr and Newscoop

Fast Hacks: Solr and Newscoop

News startups in and around Georgia helped improve search in Newscoop content management system using Solr.