How-to TopoJSON svg SVG mapping D3 animation Animating Maps with D3 and TopoJSON

Animating Maps with D3 and TopoJSON

An exploration of an easy way to animate paths in SVG maps.

Project D3 data Comparing the Net Cost of College

Comparing the Net Cost of College

The Chronicle of Higher Education set out to compare net cost of colleges and found an unexpected discrepancy. The team describes the piece they created to help explain the difficulty in comparing net costs.

Project D3 World Cup All About the WSJ’s Penalty Kick Interactive

All About the WSJ's Penalty Kick Interactive

In the days before the World Cup’s knockout stages, with their potential for games to end in shootout finishes, The Wall Street Journal unveiled an app that visualized the tendencies of the top penalty kicks takers on the teams advancing in the tournament. Chris Canipe, senior news apps developer on the Wall Street Journal’s interactive graphics desk, talked with me about the thinking behind the project and how he and his colleagues put it together. What follows are edited excerpts from our conversation.

Project jQuery D3 animation Underscore visualization Meet Bloomberg’s Dataview

Meet Bloomberg's Dataview

One of our most recent works, “How Americans Die,” is an instance of what we call a “dataview.” The impetus behind dataview was a hope to provide clear and concise storytelling, while giving the supporting data more prominence and explorability.

Project video Video.js data viz D3 jQuery How We Made “NSA Files: Decoded”

How We Made "NSA Files: Decoded"

The Guardian’s Gabriel Dance and Feilding Cage break down their process, from storyboards and video production to major design changes and development challenges.

Tool mapping choropleth Simple Map D3 D3 Tulip JavaScript Mapping Made Simple, Now with Bonus UI

Mapping Made Simple, Now with Bonus UI

Introducing the double-whammy of Simple Map D3 and Tulip, a new mapping app from MinnPost.

Project PDF D3 hackathon congressional records Google Fusion Tables Década Votada, a News App to Track Voting Records

Década Votada, a News App to Track Voting Records

In April 2013, Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires hosted a hackathon on D3.js. As part of a project co-sponsored by the International Center for Journalists, Knight-Mozilla OpenNews provided seed funding to the winning project, an app called “Década votada” (q decade in votes).

Learning data What You Need Is a News Peg

What You Need Is a News Peg

Ben Welsh on making data journalism work with that time-honored strategy, the news peg

Roundup events Event Roundup, March 11

One week left to think of your entry for the Knight News Challenge. Plus, lots of Hacks/Hackers meetups worldwide.

Project dataviz D3 elections The NYT’s Visual Election Outcome Explorer

The NYT's Visual Election Outcome Explorer

Mike Bostock explains how he and Shan Carter created the 512 Paths interactive feature, from early sketches to complete implementation.