Project dataviz games Finding the Story in 150 Million Rows of Data

Finding the Story in 150 Million Rows of Data

Al Jazeera America’s Joanna S. Kao on annotating and visualizing the Adobe database hack.

Interview fellowships mapping dataviz Meet Gustavo Faleiros

The second in a series of interviews with Knight International Journalism Fellows.

Interview dataviz illustration Meet Mariana Santos

The first in a series of interviews with Knight International Journalism Fellows.

Roundtable dataviz A Conversation with Data Visualization Experts

A Conversation with Data Visualization Experts

Sha Hwang and I brought together a panel of four experts—Rachel Binx, Mike Bostock, Tom Carden, and Scott Murray—to talk about their processes last month at San Francisco’s General Assembly. Here’s what we learned.

Project dataviz D3 elections The NYT’s Visual Election Outcome Explorer

The NYT's Visual Election Outcome Explorer

Mike Bostock explains how he and Shan Carter created the 512 Paths interactive feature, from early sketches to complete implementation.

Project Tastypie pandas Django dataviz Homicides in the District

Homicides in the District

How the Washington Post’s development team cleaned the data and built an app to support a 15-month investigation into DC homicide cases.

Interview dataviz Google Docs JavaScript Jessica Lord on sheetsee.js

Jessica Lord on sheetsee.js

Jessica Lord breaks down the context and process behind sheetsee.js, a JavaScript mashup developed during her Code for America fellowship.

Project dataviz Miso Project

Miso is an open source toolkit designed to expedite the creation of high-quality interactive storytelling and data visualisation content.