Learning design On Repeat

On Repeat

GIFs and other looped images are mightier than journalists might imagine. Lena Groeger explains the legend, the myth, the GIF.

Learning design The Evolution of NPR’s Picture Stories

The Evolution of NPR's Picture Stories

How NPR’s picture stories have changed—and the design principles and iterative work behind all the changes.

Learning design A Big Article About Wee Things

A Big Article About Wee Things

Lena Groeger on the magical powers of every little thing.

Tool documentation style validation design ProPublica’s News Apps Guides

Yesterday morning, the ProPublica apps team released a series of documents outlining their coding philosophy, app design and development practices, data validation techniques, and more. We spoke with Scott Klein about how his team’s processes evolved and how they made the time to document it all.

Project Solr CMS search Fast Hacks: Solr and Newscoop

Fast Hacks: Solr and Newscoop

News startups in and around Georgia helped improve search in Newscoop content management system using Solr.