Project PDF D3 hackathon congressional records Google Fusion Tables Década Votada, a News App to Track Voting Records

Década Votada, a News App to Track Voting Records

In April 2013, Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires hosted a hackathon on D3.js. As part of a project co-sponsored by the International Center for Journalists, Knight-Mozilla OpenNews provided seed funding to the winning project, an app called “Década votada” (q decade in votes).

Project Ruby PDF JavaScript data Introducing Tabula

A new PDF data extraction tool conceived by Manuel Aristarán and built out in a collaboration between Aristarán, who is a Knight-Mozilla Fellow at La Nación, and Mike Tigas, Fellow at ProPublica, and ProPublica’s Jeremy B. Merrill.

Roundup events Event Roundup, March 11

One week left to think of your entry for the Knight News Challenge. Plus, lots of Hacks/Hackers meetups worldwide.