Tool security Heartbleed What Heartbleed Means for Newsroom Technology

What Heartbleed Means for Newsroom Technology

If your websites have SSL enabled (when users log in, for example), or if you use VPN software to secure your network, or if you run your own mail servers, your newsroom might be affected by Heartbleed. Here’s what to do next.

Tool security DeadDrop securedrop SecureDrop, the Open-Source Submission Platform for Journalists and Whistleblowers

SecureDrop, the Open-Source Submission Platform for Journalists and Whistleblowers

Freedom of the Press Foundation executive director Trevor Timm discusses SecureDrop’s evolution and future prospects.

Tool security DeadDrop sources Strongbox Strongbox Reactions, Part II

Strongbox Reactions, Part II

We asked for your thoughts on Strongbox, the New Yorker’s new implementation of DeadDrop. Our first wave of responses includes the New York Times’ Jacob Harris, the Overview Project’s Jonathan Stray, and Mike Tigas, OpenNews Fellow at ProPublica.

Roundup security tor The New Yorker Launches Strongbox

The New Yorker Launches Strongbox

Strongbox uses Tor, and the coding savvy of Aaron Swartz, to help sources communicate more securely with the New Yorker. Its release today inspired a big reaction from the journalism code community.

Roundup events Event Roundup, Mar 4

Conference season is gearing up: Last week NICAR, this week SXSW Interactive.