How-to TopoJSON svg SVG mapping D3 animation Animating Maps with D3 and TopoJSON

Animating Maps with D3 and TopoJSON

An exploration of an easy way to animate paths in SVG maps.

Project mapping SVG svg Code Convening GeoJSON Introducing Landline and Stateline

Introducing Landline and Stateline

Today we’re releasing code to make it easier for newsrooms to produce maps quickly. Landline is an open source JavaScript library for turning GeoJSON data into browser-based SVG maps. It comes with Stateline, which builds on Landline to create U.S. state and county choropleth maps with very little code out-of-the-box.

Tool svg ractive.js Mustache libraries SVG JavaScript Introducing Ractive.js

Introducing Ractive.js

Ractive.js is a new JavaScript library for making interactives and news apps. Tl;dr: Ractive.js will make your life easier! Check out the examples and tutorials. (But really, you probably want to read this first.)

Event viz svg Canvas WebGL HTML SVG OpenVisConf Twitter’s Miguel Rios on Choosing Viz Methods

Twitter's Miguel Rios on Choosing Viz Methods

In our second dispatch from OpenVis Conf, Twitter's Miguel Rios digs into four major options for displaying visualizations on the web.

Learning data Finding Stories in the Structure of Data

Finding Stories in the Structure of Data

Matt Waite sees structure in unstructured data, and you should too.

Learning data How the Data Sausage Gets Made

How the Data Sausage Gets Made

Jacob Harris explains the perils of making government food safety data usable for journalistic research.