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Ultralight CMSes Head to Head

Ultralight CMSes are, in many ways, the product of hacking or infecting the CMS. Here’s a breakdown of a few popular ones, complete with setup instructions, pro/cons, and newsroom case studies.

Tool security DeadDrop sources Strongbox Strongbox Reactions, Part II

Strongbox Reactions, Part II

We asked for your thoughts on Strongbox, the New Yorker’s new implementation of DeadDrop. Our first wave of responses includes the New York Times’ Jacob Harris, the Overview Project’s Jonathan Stray, and Mike Tigas, OpenNews Fellow at ProPublica.

Roundup events Event Roundup, Feb 11

Event Roundup, Feb 11

Hacks/Hackers meet this week in Milano and Birmingham. Plus, two news-related iconathons this month.

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Fast Hacks: GameDay Live

The Daily Emerald’s Ivar Vong breaks down a homepage takeover experiment.