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dataset (Python)

dataset is a Python library that makes reading and writing data in databases as simple as reading and writing JSON files.


At the moment, this library is a work in progress. It currently reads the IL State Board of Elections Reports Filed feed, and is able …

Newsapps boundary service

The Boundary Service is a ready-to-deploy system for aggregating regional boundary data (from shapefiles) and republishing via a RESTful JSON API.

Overview Project

Overview is an open-source tool to help journalists find stories in large numbers of documents, by automatically sorting them according to topic and providing a …


An open source project by the New York Times R&D Lab which provides a general purpose graphical tool for dealing with streams of data.


A web application that lets you easily extract tabular data from PDF files.

Who Voted What

Shows London (UK) Mayoral Election data organised by postcode so you can see how your street/area voted, and how this compares to the London-wide average.