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News applications specialist at Austin American-Statesman

We’re building up our interactives team at the Austin American-Statesman and we have a position for a “Sr. news applications specialist.” What is that? Shortest answer is a web developer for the newsroom, with an emphasis on data. We aren’t just building stuff on demand, we help mold how "stories" and created and presented. We build single-page apps in Backbone. We have a Django data warehouse that we bake pages out of. We support a WordPress stack that uses Twig templating. We’re a bit all over, so generalists are good, but Javascript framework skills will tip in your favor for this position.

Austin American-Statesman Location: Austin, TX Contact: Christian McDonald
Posted 2 weeks ago

Digital Production Manager at Northeastern University

Northeastern University’s digital newsroom is looking for a Digital Production Manager with a superb understanding of how a story can be turned into a digital experience that engages audiences on multiple platforms. Must be a fantastic project manager and a proactive, creative, idea-rich individual who knows how to utilize front-end design/development in innovative ways to create, package and deliver various types of content on multiple platforms quickly. He/she has a strong knowledge of the latest UI/UX best practices, as well as a strong familiarity with news/information content management systems, social media platforms and analytics tools to benchmark and measure the performance of digital content.

Northeastern University Location: Boston, Massachusetts Contact: Renata Nyul
Posted 3 weeks ago

Lead News Applications Editor at Star Tribune

The Star Tribune is looking for a Lead News Apps Editor with a strong journalism background and deep programming experience to work closely with editors and reporters to develop innovative storytelling and news products for all digital platforms. The newsroom developer will experiment with and create immersive applications for both the web and mobile platforms that prioritize reader engagement and storytelling. In addition, this person will engineer tools that assist journalists in producing interactive elements, including data visualizations.

Star Tribune Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota Contact: Terry Sauer
Posted 1 month ago

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