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  1. How we used Google sheets to build a fully-working newsgame prototype

    By Robin Kwong and Cale Tilford

    Posted on

    As the Financial Times developed a newsgame for a series on companies that pursue profit with purpose, Google sheets gave them a way to quickly generate a playable, shareable prototype. Here’s how they did it and what they learned.

  2. COVID-19 story recipe: How to analyze your region’s hospital capacity

    By Erin Petenko

    Posted on

    VTDigger used Harvard Global Health Institute data to look into local hospitals’ capacity for handling an outbreak. Here’s how you can reproduce the story for your community.

  3. COVID-19 story recipe: Analyzing nursing home data for infection-control problems

    By Mike Stucka

    Posted on

    A USA Today analysis found that three-quarters of nursing homes have been cited for infection-control problems in recent years. Here’s how you can reproduce the story for your community.

  4. Event Roundup, March 2

    By Erika Owens

    Posted on

    It’s NICAR this week!

  5. Buddying up with the news-nerd community

    By Ryan Pitts

    Posted on

    Where do you turn with a question that’s stopping your data project in its tracks? If you don’t have a news-nerd colleague nearby, there’s a whole community out there happy to help. Here are three ways you can tap into networks of support, both right now and next week.

  6. Investigating Immigration Issues as a Journalist and Immigrant

    By Lindsay Muscato and Sinduja Rangarajan

    Posted on

    Our Q&A with Sinduja Rangarajan on reporting about a wall of bureaucracy that’s creating fear and uncertainty

  7. What Product Teams Should Know About Working With Newsrooms

    By Brittany  Hite and Christopher Chung

    Posted on

    Editorial and product teams are more effective and impactful when they work together, not separately. Here’s a guide to help product teams better understand their news colleagues.

  8. Event Roundup, January 27

    By Erika Owens

    Posted on

    A bunch of upcoming deadlines, including the Sigma Awards.

  9. Why and How Journalists Should Build Better Support Networks

    By Jennifer Mizgata

    Posted on

    Support looks different for different people, and it can look really different at different moments of your life. Personal support is relationship-based. Your relationships are going to change, and the support you have from them changes at certain times too, depending on people’s capacity. Here’s a question you can start with to think about what support might look like for you: What are your asks and offers to your support network?

  10. Engagement Isn’t a Project, It’s a Way of Making News

    By Angilee Shah

    Posted on

    Engagement is not something you simply add to an organizational chart or a budget. If you want to be engaged with the people you are trying to serve, you have to change what you prioritize in your newsroom.

  11. Last Thoughts for a New Year

    By Lindsay Muscato

    Posted on

    Reflections on Source, as our editor steps away from the desk.

  12. Event Roundup, January 6

    By Erika Owens

    Posted on

    Kick off the new year applying to a bunch of things!

  13. Things You Made: Last Roundup of 2019, Plus Community Thanks


    Posted on

    Our regular biweekly roundup

  14. Celebrating the Collaborative Spirit Behind an Award-Winning Story

    By Sinduja Rangarajan

    Posted on

    The human and socio-cultural elements of how an entire newsroom can come together to take a chance on a wild idea.

  15. How We Reported on Gunshot Victims’ Access to Trauma Care

    By Sean Campbell, Laura Laderman, and Maya Miller

    Posted on

    Using data on the more than 12,000 shootings recorded by the NYPD in a 9-year-period, we mapped shootings relative to trauma centers and looked at the relationship between fatality and distance to a trauma center. We also looked at how the number of ICU beds in trauma centers nearby victims affected fatality.

  16. Know Your Own Blind Spots, When Covering Communities

    By Dana Amihere

    Posted on

    How do we measure how well our coverage reflects the communities we are entrusted with reporting on? How do we check our work for social and cultural tone deafness, for blind spots and holes, especially when it comes to marginalized or vulnerable communities?

  17. How We Flipped Media Literacy and Built Community Literacy Instead

    By Cirien Saadeh

    Posted on

    We are building a community with a different relationship to journalism. It’s an approach rooted in community literacy. For our first issue, we’re telling a different story of the MN State Legislature, by training community members to be journalists.

  18. Mining Social Media: Finding Stories in Internet Data

    By Lam Thuy Vo

    Posted on

    Today we’re featuring an excerpt from Mining Social Media: Finding Stories in Internet Data by Lam Thuy Vo, which is being released this week.

  19. Event Roundup, December 2

    By Erika Owens

    Posted on

    Knight-Mozilla Fellowship alum Christine Zhang hosts a meetup in Baltimore this week, plus lots of deadlines.

  20. Here’s What I’ve Learned About Transparency & Media Salaries

    By Amanda Hickman

    Posted on

    A compilation of research on understanding current pay rates, to help close persistent pay gaps in the industry.

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