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  • News Developer at Center for Public Integrity

    Posted 5 days ago

    The Center for Public Integrity is seeking a newsroom developer to build interactive news graphics, tools and apps. The ideal candidate will have a solid grasp of web development, possess a strong sense of design and be a creative troubleshooter.

  • Data Journalist at Hindustan Times

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    The Hindustan Times seeks a data journalist to join its award-winning News Apps and Interactives team at the earliest possible date. We’d like you to work with us in HT’s newsroom in New Delhi, but we’ll consider great candidates who want to work remotely. We are journalists, data scientists, visualisation designers, and web developers. To be a good fit for our team, you must be curious, energetic, and excited about making creative projects surrounding the most important issues and events of our times. You should have a very particular set of skills. JOURNALISM Experience working as a professional reporter, publishing stories regularly, and juggling daily reporting with long-term feature and enterprise work. DATA GATHERING Web scraping, public records requests, Tabula, etc. DATA ANALYSIS R, Python, Excel, OpenRefine, knowledge of statistics, etc. DATA VISUALISATION Creating charts and maps, preferably interactive ones with Javascript and related libraries like D3.js and TopoJSON, but also static ones with tools like Adobe Illustrator, ai2html and QGIS. WEB DEVELOPMENT AND DESIGN HTML, CSS, Javascript and related libraries like jQuery. You don’t have to be able to do all five of these things, but you should be great at at least two of these things and have a strong desire to learn the rest. We improve with every project, and we’re always helping each other get better. It's a lot of fun.

  • Senior Developer, Data and visual journalism at The Financial Times

    Posted 2 months ago

    The Financial Times is hiring a senior developer to lead a team of four developer-journalists who work alongside data and visual journalists in our London newsroom on a variety of public-facing projects from complex investigations and news applications to simple, fast-turnaround graphics.

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