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  • Full Stack Developer at U.S. News & World Report

    Posted 2 weeks ago

    U.S. News & World Report is looking for a Full Stack Software Developer to support our news team. You would work with reporters, producers, data scientists and a team of talented developers to help build the next generation of content & data driven web products. QUALIFICATIONS + Web development using OO languages such as Java, Python, or Ruby. + Experience with custom enterprise content management systems. This could be in-house applications or highly customized implementations of CMS frameworks like Brightspot, Django CMS, or Drupal. + Relational databases, such as PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, or MS SQL Server. + Unix-based operating systems, such as Linux or Mac OS X, along with the shells and command-line tools available in those environments. + Experience with Java web stack tools such as Tomcat, Apache Solr and Maven is a plus. + Experience with Python web frameworks, such as Django or Pyramid is a plus.

  • Interactive data journalist at The Economist

    Posted 2 weeks ago

    We are looking for a developer-journalist to join our data journalism department. We'd like someone who can work with and present data online to help us build elegant and informative data graphics. You'll help evolve our reporting onto digital platforms and define how we report on data at the Economist.

  • Digital Project Developer at Toronto Star

    Posted 2 weeks ago

    Working as a member of the Toronto Star’s newsroom, the Digital Project Developer is responsible for presenting words, visuals and data as narratives to enhance digital storytelling for our audience on Using both the limited space of mobile and the bigger real estate of desktop, the successful candidate will help create stories with high visual impact. They will also be responsible for helping to create tools for journalists in the newsroom to better tell their stories through data and visualizations.

  • Digital Designer/Front End Developer at Reveal

    Posted 2 weeks ago

    We’re looking for a designer/developer to join our digital team at Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting, ensuring our work is presented at the highest quality possible across ever-evolving platforms and media. You would help bring consistency and cohesion to our visual design from the web through social media and beyond. You would also be able to create and/or produce multimedia content from start to finish for our signature investigative projects.

  • Newsroom Developer at Boston Globe Media

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    The Boston Globe is looking for a data visualization specialist who is interested in joining our Pulitzer-Prize winning newsroom. Come help us bring vitally important stories to an audience of nearly 5 million visitors each week.

  • Systems Architect at Axios

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    We're looking for a Systems Architect to join our small team to deploy and maintain the services that support all we'll do. We are looking for someone like you if: You've been around a few challenging projects before, and have built up a set of skills along the way. You'll be gluing together systems that, in some cases, don't have clean and simple APIs available, so you've got a few different tricks up your sleeves to make everything work, and to manage everything simply. These might include, but not be limited to: Python, bash/sh, Lua, cron, Docker, Kubernetes, supervisord, and fabric. You should have experience deploying large production-ready projects to AWS, and be familiar with most of its offerings.

  • Editorial Designer at Axios

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    Axios is seeking an Editorial Designer to design visual assets for our news stories, including digital design, photography and photo illustration. The ideal candidate is an experienced designer with 3-5 years’ experience in news or media. You will develop and execute visual concepts to enhance our short-form storytelling, and help develop new visual approaches to our journalism.

  • Technical Product Manager at Axios

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    We're looking for a Technical Product Manager (title TBD, commensurate with experience) to join our small team to help us develop ambitious plans for our future, and execute against those plans with precision.

  • Ad Technologist at Axios

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    We're looking for an Ad Technologist to join us in assisting our Revenue team build and support innovative ad products in all our offerings. What we are looking for: You can think on your feet, finding just the right solution under a deadline; as importantly, you can plan a complex project and see it through to execution. You test every edge case before pushing code and you check every fitting before the event begins, but you can also make a last-minute change that saves the day.

  • Product Designer at Axios

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    Axios is looking for a Product Designer to join our team and help fundamentally shape what a great media experience looks and feels like. We are a growing media company with a successful initial product and big ambitions for the future. We are seeking a talented product designer with a deep understanding of digital user experience. You will work collaboratively with designers, developers, and other stakeholders on the overall design of new and existing Axios products.

  • Front-End Developer at Axios

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    We're looking for a Front-End Developer to join our small team to build both public site templates and internal interfaces. You should apply if your skills primarily focus on the front-end (HTML/CSS/JS, with some of the following: jQuery, React, Angular, Backbone, etc.) where you shine in writing clear, understandable, efficient code. You focus on the details, making sure each interaction works and feels as it should. If you hit a snag you know where to find help and how to work through thorny issues. You're familiar with basic algorithms and concepts in Computer Science, even if you aren't formally trained. (Note: No whiteboard tests!)

  • Data Analyst at Axios

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    We're looking for a Data Analyst to join our small team to help us use data-driven methodologies to inform decisions and strategy, build robust scalable products and identify opportunities for innovation across the company. You are excited about the process of translating data into insights and know how to connect the details of a back-end data infrastructure to key performance indicators. You consistently evaluate data to drive progress. You are equally comfortable connecting to an API as you are communicating data-driven recommendations to cross-functional teams.

  • Data Graphics Designer at Axios

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    We're looking for a Data Graphics Designer to join our team and help fundamentally shape what a great media experience looks and feels like. You will be working in collaboration with our design and editorial teams to create data graphics that bring our stories to life. You will not only design visualizations but also help to create a graphical style that will enable us to be known as an innovative leader in data journalism.

  • Art Director at Axios

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    Axios is looking to hire an art director to help shape our brand and its visual language across the business. We are looking for an experienced and talented multidisciplinary designer with a deep knowledge of branding and communication design. We’re a young company with the beginnings of a solid visual identity. So first and foremost, you will develop the components and style of the Axios brand. You’ll guide the aesthetic vision for our editorial graphics, videos and illustrations. And you’ll carry your vision through by creating event branding marketing materials and more.

  • Video and Motion Graphics Producer at The Pew Research Center

    Posted 1 month ago

    The Video and Motion Graphics Producer will work with Pew Research Center’s digital team and research staff creating visually compelling content to disseminate the work of the Center on the web and social media - using video, interviews, motion graphics, animation and data visualization.

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