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  • Graphics Developer at Bloomberg at Bloomberg

    Posted 4 days ago

    We're seeking an experienced graphics developer in New York to conceptualize and build insightful data visualizations and interactive features - relying on your technical expertise, distinctive design sensibility and exceptional curiosity.

  • News Apps Developer at NPR

    Posted 5 days ago

    NPR Visuals is looking for a civic-minded technical leader and developer to join our team. You will write software that matters, inspire our team, and work in close collaboration with the fantastic reporters and editors in our newsroom.

  • News Apps Data Editor at NPR

    Posted 5 days ago

    NPR is seeking an experienced, talented, and knowledgeable Data Editor to work on the Visuals team in the NPR newsroom. You’ll report original stories, contribute data analysis and reporting for other newsroom projects, and collaborate on data visualizations for our digital platforms. You’ll also provide leadership to a growing Visuals team, collaborate on projects, and bring experience with new approaches and methodologies. The Data Editor will build strong relationships and problem-solving collaborations across the newsroom, member stations, our partners, and the public media community.

  • Data Reporter at The Financial Times

    Posted 6 days ago

    Money-Media, a subsidiary of the Financial Times, is seeking a reporter to join our brand new data visualization team. This reporter will be able to help shape the overall data visualization strategy for two well-respected (and profitable) publications.

  • Loyalty Program Manager at Texas Tribune

    Posted 2 weeks ago

    The Texas Tribune is hiring a Loyalty Program Manager to oversee our donor/subscriber engagement and retention efforts. The key to success in this role will be channeling marketing and product skills in support of our mission — reminding Texas Tribune loyalists about the critical part they play in making our work possible, and incentivizing these individuals to become evangelists of our mission.

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