Contribute to Source

If you build news apps, crunch data, design interactive features, or otherwise do things with code in a news organization, we want to help document, support, and amplify your work.

What We’re Looking For

We publish project introductions and walkthroughs of tools developed in and for newsrooms, and project and event roundups. Via Source Learning, we also publish detailed case studies and examinations of specific issues in news development and data journalism. And our code index is open to all news-related projects, with special emphasis on open source work.

How to Contribute

Send us a quick note at (or hit up our editor on Twitter, if you prefer) and let us know what you’d like to work on—or just email us a draft and we’ll go from there.

What It’s Like to Publish with Us

We usually do one editorial pass on articles to ask additional questions and request a few expansions on ideas, and then a copyedit of the final revised version before we produce in our CMS. Learning pieces go through a more involved process with Learning editor Kio Stark, sometimes including more substantial revisions to go deep on a particular topic.

We’re always especially psyched to get markdown or HTML files as gists or attachments, but we are very happy to work with whatever file format you prefer. We also love to include images—screenshots, animated gifs, process snapshots, anything that helps make the subject more concrete—and like to get those at at least 800px wide whenever possible.

Our internal style book is always evolving—feel free to consult it as you work, or to ignore it and let us add serial commas in the copyedit if you prefer.