News Nerd Roundup, Sept 8

Newsroom code and projects that caught our eyes

The Wall Street Journal’s new interactive quiz.

Here’s another ICYMI roundup of what’s currently on our minds and in our browser tabs, assembled for our fellow news nerds. You’re welcome.

Desperate Crossing

New York Times Magazine (September 3, 2015)
This story opens a portal into the dramatic and treacherous journeys of people migrating to Italy or Greece, escaping poverty and war. Stunning black-and-white video and photography lets the migrants’ plight speak for itself.

Seattle Times commute

Low Pay and Long, Pricey Commutes Go Hand in Hand

Seattle Times (August 29, 2015)
Time is money, and distance is time. Seattle’s long commutes can sap time away from things like family and (paradoxically low-paid) work. One man’s punishing daily routine unfolds via timeline, for a micro view, while an area map shows where the jobs aren’t.


Buzzfeed (August 31, 2015)
As journalists dig through messages culled from Hilary Clinton’s personal email, the cream rises to the top in this Twitter account dedicated to excerpting the most interesting bits.

The Oppressive Architecture of the West Bank

Vice (August 24, 2015)
Molly Crabapple’s illustrations give crackling urgency to her story about the everyday restrictions and struggles of West Bank residents.

Are You Good Enough to be a Tennis Line Judge?

Wall Street Journal (August 31, 2015)
Well, are you? Match your reflexes against the best line judges around, plus see how you measure up with other users. Sarah Squire’s app combines video, illustrations, and animation, with real-life hits from athletes.

Introducing agate

Robots with overwhelming datasets, go home. Chris Groskopf of NPR recently released agate, a Python data analysis library, optimized for “making humans faster at working with normal-sized datasets.” Also check out proof, which plays well with agate.

Also Interesting

Cat Street View

Jennifer Brandel explains why questions are the new comments. Glimpse what humanity lost in Palmyra or roam Japan like a cat. And taco lovers and map lovers, take note, Tacopedia is soon to be released in English.



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