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Articles tagged: CSS

  1. Meet Column Setter

    By Rob Weychert

    Posted on

    A tool that enables rapid prototyping with squeaky-clean code—today we’re making it open source.

  2. Interactive Data Journalism: A One-Semester Syllabus

    By Jonathan Stray

    Posted on

    Data journalism draws on a remarkable array of skills—everything from statistics to graphic design to FOIA requests.

  3. Responsive CSS Testing Made Simple with the BBC’s Wraith

    By David Blooman, John Cleveley, Erin Kissane, and Simon Thulbourn

    Posted on

    Last November, the BBC News team created a front-end regression tool that collects and diffs screenshots to automatically highlight discrepancies produced (intentionally or otherwise) by CSS changes. Last week, the team open-sourced Wraith. We spoke with David Blooman, who developed the tool last fall and worked with Simon Thulbourn to prepare it for public release.

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