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Articles tagged: guns

  1. Visualizing Mass Shootings

    By Erin Kissane and Lindsay Muscato

    Posted on

    Over the past two years or so, we’ve kept tabs on our community’s work around guns in America. We’ve seen a wealth of data visualizations and a huge breadth of interactive projects that bring clarity to stories of gun violence and mass shootings—projects often assembled quickly amidst the chaos of breaking news.

  2. How We Made “Make it Stop”

    By Gabriel Florit, Elaina Natario, and Michael Workman

    Posted on

    The Boston Globe’s newsroom development team built “Make it Stop,” a powerful editorial statement on gun control after the Orlando shootings, in just 13 hours. Here’s how they did it — and the tools and workflows they made well in advance to enable (extremely) rapid development.

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