Things You Made, April 5

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Finding the story in what’s missing. (WBEZ)

SRCCON 2018 is Happening and You Should Come

SRCCON is excited to be returning to Minneapolis on June 28 & 29 for two days of collaborative workshops at the intersection of journalism and technology. OpenNews works to make this an inclusive, welcoming event with space to share challenges and experiments (and meals and snacks), support each other in our work, and push for newsroom change led by local journalists and journalists of color. The SRCCON call for participation is open through Friday, April 13, and invites all types of participants—attendees, facilitators with session ideas, scholarship applicants, and more. If you’d like to be there this June, please reach out!

Like a Podcast But With Phones

The next Source community call will be April 12 at 9am PT/12pm ET, and we’ll be talking about SRCCON, so if you’ve got questions, please join. Learn more about our regular calls and subscribe to the calendar so you remember to dial in.

Things You Made Recently

Recent projects we bookmarked: the power of showing what’s redacted, how to clearly track a social shift, how the stories of immigrants play out underneath the data, and more. 

Behind The Ink: The Legionnaires’ Emails Rauner Doesn’t Want Lawmakers To See

(WBEZ, April 4, 2018)
This is what a lack of transparency looks like.

Tracking Change Since the Parkland School Shooting

(Sun-Sentinel, March 23, 2018)
A clear, concise tracker that covers changing state laws, shifting NRA ties, and more.

A Dream Displaced

(Los Angeles Times, March 29, 2018)
A human look at what the numbers tell us about life as an immigrant in the age of Trump.

How To Win A Trade War

(FiveThirtyEight, March 28, 2018)
Game theory retrofitted to international relations. Why not?

How Socioeconomic Disadvantage Varies Area-By-Area in Australia

(Guardian Australia, March 26, 2018)
A trove of data from the 2016 census.

Refugee Admissions to US Have Plummeted. Here’s What That Looks like in SoCal

(KPCC, March 26, 2018)
An AP analysis of national data, put into local context.

More Things We’re Glad We Saw

How a music publication covers concert violence. Loads of immigration data resources. Personal reporting on Google’s many-tentacled tracking, for the Star-Tribune. So many transit nerds, so many new urbanist memes. A short mobile documentary on a long ride to prison. Instagram as essay: Where Is Home? Using data to pick the perfect seat at Dodger Stadium. The making of a bracket meme. Cool, it’s D3 5.0. More resources for open source project management. A book for beginners to learn SQL.

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