Things You Made, Dec 19

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(Dan Nott, NJ.com)

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Things You Made

Our last roundup of 2017, with a double dose of data, mapping, code, and investigative projects from recent weeks.

Death and Dysfunction

(NJ.com, Dec 14, 2017)
“It’s nothing more than a meathouse at this point.” An in-depth project full of insights, data, and personal accounts on death and dying in New Jersey.

Millennials Are Screwed

(Huffington Post, Dec 14, 2017)
Scroll through the fate of a generation.

Why Wall Street Gets a Cut of Your Power Bill

(LA Times, Dec 14, 2017)
Explains a thoroughly complicated topic with clear visuals and in-depth reporting. Repo is here.

How Putin’s Proxies Helped Funnel Millions into GOP Campaigns

(Dallas Morning News, Dec 15, 2017)
A pointed essay supported by interactive data.

Virginia Bureaucrats Are Keeping Nonviolent Convicts in Prison Longer Than Murderers

(The Virginian-Pilot, Nov 17, 2017)
A huge investigation into grossly unequal justice in Virginia. The follow-up impact so far.

Doctors and the Opioid Crisis

(Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Dec 1, 2017)
How the opiod crisis was fueled by easy prescriptions and blatant disregard.

See Every Police Shooting in Your Local Police Department since 2010

(Vice, Dec 10, 2017)
Data gathered from 47 police departments on 4,099 shootings, with datasets linked up.

Small multiples from three cities on police shootings


Boston. Racism. Image. Reality.

(Boston Globe, Dec 10, 2017)
A sweeping Spotlight investigation into the scope and impact of racism in Boston.

How the Cook County Assessor Failed Taxpayers

(ProPublica/ Chicago Tribune, Dec 7, 2017)
Cracking open a system that’s perpetuated deep unfairness for far too long.

Tracking the Southern California Fires

(San Francisco Chronicle, Ongoing)
Easy-to-use map that identifies fire hot spots ongoingly.

Big Ag vs. Lake Erie: How Ohio’s Biggest Industry Threatens Its Greatest Resource

(Belt Magazine, Nov 21, 2017)
The overlooked, precarious health of Lake Erie.

More Things

Turn static images into interactive maps with this excellent guide from MapBox on geo-referencing, tracing, and finally, publishing a map with manipulable data. Find out what your town spent on luring Amazon. TwoStep is now open-sourced. Calling for a task force, after a Star-Tribune investigation. A bot that tweets maps from @librarycongress digital collections. Getting that photo with the black gloves and the money. Getting that photo with the kiss and the cat person. New 2018 goal: learn embroidery.

Embroidery of comment from a reader

The exasperated tweet came in response to this crucial @dallasnews story about the hundreds of dogs roaming in South Dallas.” — @sewmanycomments

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