Things You Made, Dec 6

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(Montana Free Press)

Source via Voice

The next Source community call will be Thursday, December 20 at 9am PT/12pm ET and will be excellent. We’ll have a reportback from SRCCON:POWER and more. Learn about our regular calls and subscribe to the calendar. Also: You can also hear our most recent call, if you missed it or want to share it. (We’re experimenting with recording the call, so holler if you think it’s useful!)

What You’ve Been Making

A roundup of journalism and code projects from the last few weeks that you may have missed. This week we focus on what (and who) gets tracked by the powers that be, while other important issues (and humans) get overlooked and forgotten.

Where the jobs are: Montana’s economic landscape, visualized

(Montana Free Press, Nov 17, 2018)
The first installment of the Long Streets reporting project, a deep dive into the Montana economy (and which uses INN’s Largo theme and Pym.js Embeds plugin).

“It’s a dragnet”: Denver police far more likely to cite Latino kids for violating curfew

(Denver Post, Nov 18, 2018)
A Denver Post analysis of Denver’s juvenile curfew and its impact on kids’ lives.

The Force Report

(NJ Advance Media, Nov 29, 2018)
A huge undertaking to build a database of police use of force. We learned about it on our most recent community call. Here’s the notes and also the audio of our call with the folks who made it.

Shot and Forgotten

(Philadelphia Inquirer, Nov 28, 2018)
A comprehensive, data-rich look at the overlooked victims of gun violence—those who survived.

Firefighters and cancer

(Chicago Tribune, Nov 26, 2018)
The Chicago Tribune and Pioneer Press explore the suspected connection between firefighting and cancer.


(Austin American-Statesman, Dec 6, 2018)
An incredibly complex look at how daycares are failing vulnerable kids, which also notes how hard it’s been for the Statesman to get needed records.

Things We Were So Glad We Saw

An illuminating collaboration—between the Better Government Association, WBEZ, and Belt magazine—on an Illinois suburb. This dispatch from the Membership Puzzle project. A curated trade journal subscription is a thing to buy or give. Thirty years of letters to advice columnists, decoded at The Pudding. Listen to some alternative bells, in the form of GitHub repos.

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