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What You’ve Been Making

A roundup of journalism and code projects from the last few weeks that you may have missed. This week we focus on recent stories at the intersection of public health and powerful institutions.

Flaws in reporting create knowledge vacuum regarding community benefits

(Modern Healthcare, Dec 1, 2018)
This analysis of about 100 Illinois hospitals’ tax forms revealed lots of glitches in the IRS’s process around measuring impact. Here’s a Twitter thread from Tim Broderick with more about how and why this deep dive came together.

‘Is this really happening?’ Chemicals that tainted water on military bases spreading to other towns in Bucks, Montco

(Philadelphia Inquirer, Dec 22, 2018)
Mapping a spreading environmental issue: “Everybody’s just thinking it’s our problem, but maybe it’s other people’s problem also."

Denied: How some Tennessee doctors earn big money denying disability claims

(Tennessean, Jan 7, 2019)
An investigation that examined more than 5 years of data on how disability applications are reviewed, and found many flaws in the system.

You asked, we answered: Who pays to clean up Tonawanda Coke?

(Buffalo News, Nov 18, 2018)
A community-driven Q&A that breaks down the implications of a massive industrial cleanup.

A Legacy of Harrassment

(High Country News, ongoing)
An ongoing investigation into public land agencies and the pervasiveness of sexual harrassment, sexual assault, and gender discrimination. Here’s the most recent piece.

Even More Things

How the Force Report plotted 17,000 data points in 3D. Indigenous reporters elevating true crime with podcasts. Many, many color palettes. Smithsonian Magazine’s map of America’s military presence worldwide. When that holiday feeling ended, according to streaming data. A scrolly flyover of the U.S.-Mexico border. A comprehensive tour of Lebron Inc. Cozy knitted things as espionage.

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