Things You Made, June 14

New journalism code projects, plus updates from OpenNews


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We’re so excited for each and every one of this year’s SRCCON sessions. If this session list makes you want to join us, our participation form is still open, and it’s waiting for you.

What You’ve Been Making

This week we’ve picked a handful of recent projects that help the average reader find their way through a maze—whether that’s an environmental issue, an immigration journey, or lawmakers’ policies.

Texas police can seize money and property with little transparency. So we got the data ourselves.

(Texas Tribune, June 7, 2019)
Findings from 560 forfeiture cases, which resulted in the seizure of nearly $10 million.

Welcome to Our User Guide to Local Government

(City Bureau, June 4, 2019)
Context and deep dives on local government in Chicago, putting info and power in the hands of readers.

How Can a Seal Track Climate Change?

(PRI, June 3, 2019)
What happens if we equip seals with sensors? Scroll to find out.

252 days: One mother’s desperate fight to bring her daughter home

(NJ.com, June 12, 2019)
One family’s quest for reunion, against a larger backdrop of immigration policies.

What else are you making? Tell us what’s happening. Email source@opennews.org.

Even More Things We Saw Recently

Using sprints to drive digital subscriptions, at the Sacramento Bee. How the New York Times helped its reporters learn to love spreadsheets, with tools that your team can use, too. What happens when your reporters write mission statements. Designing data visualizations with empathy, by Kim Bui, including thoughts from Lam Thuy Vo on finding surprising human connections within data.

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