Things You Made, March 22

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(Albuquerque Journal)

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What You’ve Been Making

A few journalism and code projects that you may have missed. This week we zero in on “home”—and the side effects of where we live.

8 hours on the border

(Albuquerque Journal, ongoing)
A four-part series about patrolling the border from El Paso to Sunland Park, N.M.

Wayne County’s auction program is supposed to keep people in homes. It’s not.

(Detroit Free Press, March 18, 2019)
A deep dive into the intricacies and impact of a failing county program.

Homelessness Kills

(Bureau of Investigative Journalism, March 11, 2019)
Part of a wide-ranging, collaborative investigation, including a recap of a yearlong project to log the names and details of people that have died homeless.

For Minnesota’s low-income college students, chances of graduating depend a lot on which school they choose

(MinnPost, March 11, 2019)
An analysis of graduation rate data, and context on the host of challenges to graduation that Pell grant recipients face.

Even More Things

Nearly 100 interviews with migrants, activists, faith leaders, journalists, academics, and artists, with the Ecologies of Migrant Care initiative. Deploy your own collaborative documentation site, with this new release from the New York Times folks. An easier way to make your own belief-driven, you-draw-it interactive, or to build your own database. An attempt at sending a correction through social media channels. A photo essay on Detroit’s Eastern Market.

What else are you making? Tell us what’s happening.

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