Things You Made, March 8

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(Los Angeles Times)

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What You’ve Been Making

A roundup of journalism and code projects that you may have missed recently. This week we focused on projects that show one issue’s impact on a large number of children.


(Tampa Bay Times, ongoing)
Award-winning investigation into the rising mortality rate at All Children’s Heart Institute.

What it’s like to go to school when dozens have been killed nearby

(Los Angeles Times, Feb 27, 2019)
A powerful story told in maps, homicide data, and interviews.

In the Line of Fire: Children injured and killed by firearms in Oklahoma on the rise

(The Frontier, Feb 26, 2019)
An analysis of pediatric firearm deaths, and their rising numbers.

Abuse of Faith

(San Antonio Express-News, Feb 10, 2019)
Twenty years, 700 victims: an investigation by the Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio Express-News into those who worked or volunteered in Southern Baptist churches.

Even More Things

What design thinking taught KPCC about the 2020 census and opportunities for public service journalism. Bellingcat’s online investigation toolkit. Scholarships to the Eyeo festival. All about the game-over potential of permafrost. Becoming a Google Street View driver: “All the images funneled in from all of the camera lenses would be stitched together, forming digital worlds.”

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