Things You Made, May 17

New journalism code projects, plus updates from OpenNews

(The City, Audrey Carlsen)

SRCCON 2019 is Near

We’re so excited to see the program for SRCCON 2019 come together, built from dozens and dozens of amazing community proposals. Soon we’ll publish the list of sessions we’ve been able to accept so far on the SRCCON site, and we’ll add to it over the next couple weeks as we confirm more of the schedule.

If you take a look at this year’s program and think “wow I’d love to be there,” then, guess what, there’s good news. Our attendee form is still available, and we’d love to hear about how you’d like to participate in SRCCON this year.

What You’ve Been Making

This week we’re looking at recent projects you may have missed, where place and geography are essential ingredients.

Nashville hot chicken is taking over Los Angeles

(Los Angeles Times, May 9, 2019)
Sometimes you just need to zoom in on a chicken sandwich.

Broke asked your candidates

(Broke in Philly, May 12, 2019)
An ongoing, searchable Q&A with candidates in Philadelphia’s 2019 mayoral and city council races.

The Bronx is Waiting: Police Dispatch Times Highest in the City

(The City, May 10, 2019)
“You have to be dying for them to come over here.”

The Irregular Outfields of Baseball

(DataFace, April 2019)
Pro ballparks come in all shapes and sizes. Here they are.

What else are you making? Tell us your brags and kudos. Email source@opennews.org.

Even More Things We Saw Recently

Reading the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, as a part of a team effort, with Livia Labate. Eva Constantaras’s insights on how and why to teach data journalism: “People do not want to learn concepts, tools or data out of context.” A guide to less-extractive reporting, from the Center for Journalism Ethics. Journalists and teenagers working alongside each other, in Denmark. A roadtrip through New Mexico’s atomic past.

Jobs + Things

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