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What You’ve Been Making

This week we’re focusing on deep dives with a strong narrative thread.

Tarnished Brass

(USA Today, April 24, 2019)
Part of a massive network-wide investigation into police officers who committed misconduct.

How a Kuwaiti’s Ponzi Scheme Left a Trail of Blight in Buffalo

(Buffalo News, April 28, 2019)
An in-depth look at an enormous Ponzi scheme financed by as many as 2,000 unsuspecting investors, and the damage it brought to city neighborhoods.

Solitary confinement worsens mental illness. A Texas prison program meant to help can feel just as isolating.

(Texas Tribune, April 23, 2019)
A data-driven synthesis of how Texas prisons are failing patients with mental health needs.

From homelessness to jail and back: King County tries to halt cycle

(Seattle Times, April 25, 2019)
An analysis at the intersection of the criminal justice system, homelessness, and mental health.

Self-driving cars: Who to save, who to sacrifice?

(CBC News, April 25, 2019)
Scroll on through—what would you do?

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Even More Things We Saw Recently

Help preserve the Mueller report, with the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine and Muckrock. The role of product teams in local news, at Nieman Lab. Colorism in high fashion with 19 years of Vogue covers, over at The Pudding. Setting up Datasette on Glitch, a browser-based development environment. Data visualizations, made physical. A podcast episode about newspaper subscription hostages. Wrong Box recreates the internet of the early aughts.

Jobs + Things

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