Things You Made, May 3

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Things You Made Recently

Projects we bookmarked recently: new ways to look at segregation, collaboration, your city, your home.

America Is More Diverse Than Ever—but Still Segregated

(Washington Post, May 2, 2018)
An incredibly complex project, analyzing census data to explore the U.S.’s rapid demographic changes.

11 Dangerous Everyday Things in Your Home That Cause the Most Injuries

(NJ.com, April 20, 2018)
A visual system to show very close-to-home dangers.

Bezos’s Empire: How Amazon Became the World’s Most Valuable Retailer

(The Guardian, April 24, 2018)
A timeline and ever-expanding circles form the spine of this one.

Out West: A Policed & Devastated People

(The TRiiBE, April 2018)
Imagery and oral history work together, crafting a present-day lens on the past.

Broke in Philly

(Resolve Philadelphia, ongoing)
An ongoing project that’s collaborative at its core.

Left to Suffer

(Star-Tribune, November 2017)
A deep dive into senior care; a 5-part series from last fall that we missed the first time around.

More Things We’re Glad We Saw

Inside Al Jazeera’s tools for publishing a scripted interactive chat. Data visualization inspired by the USDA Pomological Watercolors collection. Making a thermal paper Polaroid. The interactive map that was way ahead of its time. Thirty-seven people struggling to get by in New Jersey. A new mentorship project for women in journalism, featuring a dream team.

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