Things You Made, May 31

New journalism code projects, plus updates from OpenNews


SRCCON 2019 is Near

We’re so excited to see the program for SRCCON 2019 come together, built from dozens and dozens of amazing community proposals. See the list of accepted sessions, over on the SRCCON site. We’ll add to it over the next couple weeks as we confirm more of the schedule. If this session list makes you excited to join us, our participation form is still open, and it’s waiting for you.

What You’ve Been Making

Slow news week, huh? We’re focusing on projects outside the mainstream spotlight. These projects help us understand the needs and struggles of large numbers of people, with stats and data visualization.

The best town in N.J.… for you!

(NJ.com, May 22, 2019)
An interactive journey into your best New Jersey life.

Star Tribune 2018 Community Impact Report

(Star Tribune, 2019)
A news organization tells the story of its meaningful contributions to independent journalism in Minnesota.

Caregivers and takers

(Reveal, May 19, 2019)
An investigation into the exploitation of workers who care for the elderly, in facilities with high profit margins.

Most Women MPs Ever, Yet Only 14.6% Of Lok Sabha

(IndiaSpend, May 27, 2019)
Stats and stories on gender equality in India’s parliament, in the wake of the recent election.

What else are you making? Tell us what’s happening. Email source@opennews.org.

Even More Things We Saw Recently

How to scrape multiple pages with the Workbench scraping toolkit. The backstory on the New York Times’ overlooked obituaries project, with Amy Padnani. How NPR built its White Lies project. #GRIT, a project from India’s The Wire, all about scavenging and sanitation. The Pudding’s people map of the U.S., with the most Wikipedia’d resident.

Jobs + Things

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