Things You Made, Nov 21

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Things You Made

How (Not) to Cross the Street in Jacksonville

(ProPublica & Florida Times-Union, Nov 16, 2017)
Data on tickets issued to pedestrians, plus a quick news quiz, highlight racial disparities and lots of confusion around crossing the road.

The Deportees Who Want to “Make El Salvador Great Again”

(Univision, Nov 11, 2017)
A narrative of belonging and striving, interwoven with data and reporting on deportations.

One of the Most Secretive, Dark States”: What Is Kansas Trying to Hide?

(Kansas City Star, Nov 12, 2017)
“Kansas runs one of the most secretive state governments in the nation, and its secrecy permeates nearly every aspect of service, The Star found in a months-long investigation."

The Rise of the Campus Meme

(Daily Californian, Nov 8, 2017)
A brief history and data dive into the campus meme Facebook group, in all its weird glory.

How Houston’s Newest Homes Survived Hurricane Harvey

(Los Angeles Times, Nov 8, 2017)
Mapping a game of inches, and learning how to design for a storm.

Cities that Will Be Drowned by Global Warming

(The Guardian, Nov 3, 2017)
Pulsing imagery to project what we’ll lose first.

Doctor Discipline

(The Sun-Sentinel, Nov 1, 2017)
Explore a rich trove of data from the Florida Department of Health on how your own doctor stacks up.

More Things

What happens when an artist, a newspaper, and a theater collaborate: 48 pages of refugees who died en route to Europe. Under the hood of investigating The Azerbaijani Laundromat. Datasette, making public data available in SQLite. The Security Education Companian, a resource for people teaching digital security to their friends and neighbors. Toward a quantification and ethics of Racked swag.

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