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(Marshall Project)

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What You’ve Been Making

It’s been quite the week for those covering U.S. midterm elections, and we salute you, news nerd. Today we’ve rounded up a few projects that feel grounded in a sense of place—and how humans use, divide, and navigate that space. These are mostly pieces from the last few weeks, although one is from earlier this year and recently won an award.

Twelve Blocks

(Chicago magazine, Oct 29, 2018)
Capturing a city’s essence by illuminating a handful of its blocks.

Out of Control

(Houston Chronicle, Nov 1, 2018)
Investigating why Houston is such a deadly region for walkers and cyclists.

The Waiting Room

(Marshall Project, Oct 31, 2018)
An immersive portrait of an unwinnable way home.

Early voting changes hit NC rural voters hardest, analysis shows. But will it matter in 2018?

(WRAL, Nov 1, 2018)
Who’s living further away from their voting locations, and what it could mean. Part of Electionland.

Swamp City

(InfoNile, Feb 2018)
A special project on how urbanization is affecting a Kampala wetland. Recently won Uganda WASH Media Awards; supported by Code4Africa.

More Things We’re Glad We Saw

A font to help you remember things. The full corpus of published U.S. case law. Evergreen reminders about telling migrants’ stories well. Tweet/thread from Christine Zhang on how civic-minded data scientists are engaging with Baltimore Sun open data. A place to go which is a Calm Place. Sarah Kliff on her health care project at Vox, bringing transparency to ER prices. A Bozeman, MT coloring book with text from Google reviews: “They put out fires and save people. 10/10” for the fire department.

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