Things You Made, Oct 10

Interactive features, project breakdowns, best practices, and updates

(Financial Times)

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What You’ve Been Making

A roundup of journalism and code projects from the last few weeks, some data-driven, some deep investigations, some based on readers’ voices, questions, and experiences.

Before and After: Fires Tear Through California’s Wine Country

(New York Times, Oct 10, 2017)
Maps and photography work together, revealing both the broader destruction and the up-close devastation.

Shielded By the Badge

(Star-Tribune, Oct 1, 2017)
A huge analysis of data on holding law enforcement accountable for criminal offenses.

How Chicago Gets Its Guns

(ProPublica IL, Oct 10, 2017)
The first story from the newly launched ProPublic Illinois—digging past the rhetoric around a city’s supply of guns.

That Rotten Stench in the Air?

(Toronto Star, Oct 1, 2017)
A year-long investigation into a deadly public health hazard.

The Uber Game

(Financial Times, October 5, 2017)
A gamified look at life below the Uber API.

The 2nd Amendment is 145 Characters. How Would you Rewrite it?

(Los Angeles Times, Oct 3, 2017)
The language of bearing arms, now edited by all.

In Their Words

(Los Angeles Times, Sept 26, 2017)
Another way to include readers’ voices—this time via a voicemail box, creating a collage of outry.

How Murals Transformed These Newark Streetscapes

(Brick City Live, Oct 3, 2017)
A simple slider does the trick.

What’s So Bad About Gentrification Anyway?

(Denverite, Oct 3, 2017)
A reader-driven story, with readers’ answers, on a question close to home.

More Things

How diverse are U.S. newsrooms?. Data on gender and This American Life. How Politico found Tom Price’s private jets. Can an algorithm understand emotion? Looking at the math of gerrymandering. Measuring hurricane flooding through the clouds. Zooming in on a map of native land. Everything is fine. Every noise at once. A short trip, with a few moments of zen.

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