Things You Made, Oct 11

Interactive features, best practices, and updates from OpenNews

(Better Government Association)

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What You’ve Been Making

A roundup of journalism and code projects from the last few weeks—especially ongoing features and long-term investigations that you may have missed.


(Weather Channel, ongoing)
A continuing series of features on how climate change affects global struggles and migration.

Tons and tons of Chicago recycling isn’t getting recycled.

(Better Government Association, Oct 10, 2018)
A deep investigation into a private company that’s diverting tons of recyclables into landfills.


(Marshall Project, Oct 3, 2018)
A data-rich profile of homeless registered sex offenders: "You have one law that says you can’t live inside and another law that says you can’t live outside.”

Inside our secret courts

(Boston Globe, Sept 30, 2018)
Spotlighting the closed-door hearings that wield disproportionate power.

More Interesting Things

Documenting women running for office. Community voices on dealing with hunger. A Mojave American poet on text as energy and collaboration as a third hand. How the Marshall Project visualized racial inequalities in subway policing. A world map that’s all about oceans. Throwing open the treasure chest: the digital strategy for the Library of Congress.

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