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What You’ve Been Making

A roundup of journalism and code projects from the last few weeks—especially visual/multimedia and investigative work that you may have missed.

After family separation at border, Guatemalan teen’s mental health collapsed during 11-month detention

(Palm Springs Desert Sun, Sept 26, 2018)
Portrait of a family, illumination of injustice.

FOIA’d e-mails reveal an ongoing citywide epidemic of Divvy thefts

(Chicago Reader, Sept 24, 2018)
Docs show the domino effect of a bike-share tech choice.

Shrouded Justice: Lawsuits against Colorado lawyers hidden from public

(Denver Post, Sept 21, 2018)
An investigation that points to “a process that doesn’t always adhere to the rules and one where attorneys and judges appear to protect each other.”

Window to the Cuban Soul

(Palm Beach Post, Sept 24, 2018)
Photo essay of a community hub.

The Hunt for Better Climate Science

(Reuters, Sept 19, 2018)
“It’s not just an ice cube and a hair dryer.”

More Notable/Beautiful/Useful Things

An ONA session featuring Sara Catania, Tracie Powell, and Kim Bui on zig-zagging career paths. An Alexa routine to wake up gently from Alex Laughlin. Embroidering an eye, with artist Emily Tull. Knitting a galaxy, with software engineer Sarah Spencer.

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