Welcome to Work Week

Where everyone learns to work better, together

You’ve had days that looked like this. Oh yes you have.

Oh, hello. It’s Monday. Yes, the beginning of the work week. By now you’ve ground through morning and are staring down the gaping maw of the afternoon.

Have you had another cup of coffee yet? (None for me. I tried once and my keypad has yet to fully recover.) Find your favorite late-afternoon beverage and settle in. We’ve got something else, piping hot. Restorative yet practical information.

Hear that beautiful sound?

It starts off with a tense, high whine; you don’t know if it’s going to latch. “Is anyone out there? Anyone?” Suddenly it releases into a soulful, rolling thrum. And there it is, that sweet spot, connection.

We’d like to take you on that same sort of journey, from isolation to glorious interconnectivity.

To that end, Source editors Erin Kissane and Lindsay Muscato have commissioned a big stack of articles on how newsroom developers, designers, and code-friendly journalists work. From better communication practices to advanced process tune-ups, real-life case studies, and culture primers, this carefully calibrated lineup—written by some of the sharpest humans we know—starts zapping its way to you now.



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