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Youth Radio is the nation’s leading producer of youth-driven journalism, and we use every tool at our disposal—from microphones to javascript—to create our award-winning stories. Building on our 20+ year track-record producing stand-out content (radio, video, print) for public media and commercial outlets, in 2010, Youth Radio launched one of the first programs worldwide to partner with low-income teens on mobile app development. In 2013, we iterated on that model to establish a full-blown Interactive department, YRI, within our newsroom. A partnership with the MIT Media Lab and UC Berkeley’s I-School, YRI connects young people with professional coders, designers, and data geeks to create interactive news content that engages communities in today’s most pressing topics. Our interactives—games, maps, clickable data visualizations, photo-rich web builds—have transformed Youth Radio’s newsroom and been published on outlets including The Atlantic’s CityLab, Boing Boing, National Geographic, NPR, and KQED. Youth Radio’s mission is to prepare the next generation of diverse digital media producers and to create high-impact journalism that changes the way the world sees youth and the issues that most affect them. Technology drives this work forward—by putting young people on paths to jobs through tech training, powering innovation in the story-making process and products, and outfitting our state-of-the-art four story studios in Downtown Oakland where our work takes place.

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