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Sydette Harry is a child of Far Rockaway. She is a writer and communications critiquer, concerned with communities, sociality and technology, race, gender, and pop culture. Currently Editor of Network at Mozilla.

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  1. The Work We Do Tells Amazing People That They Do Not Belong

    A brief interview with SRCCON:WORK speaker Sydette Harry

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    With SRCCON:WORK just getting underway, here’s our Q&A with our opening speaker, Sydette Harry of the Coral Project and the Mozilla Foundation. Sydette spoke this morning about journalism’s inclination to skip the critical questions about diversity and representation.

  2. Con el objetivo de mover el avispero

    Solidaridad y privilegios en la creación de historias de prensa

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    Durante Internet Freedom Festival (Festival para libertad en Internet apoyando derechos humanos en todo el mundo) al inicio de este año, Gabriela comenzó a facilitar una versión del taller que Valeria Aurora, de la iniciativa ADA y consultoría Frameshift Consulting, imparte para empresas en California. Intenta concientizar sobre la idea de solidaridad interpersonal y el trabajo de descubrir privilegios en nuestras propias vidas. Adaptamos este taller durante SRCCON 2017 para específicamente aplicarlo a nuestro trabajo en periodismo.

  3. Aim to Misbehave: Allies and Privileges in Media Creation

    Facing how we fit into systems of oppression, finding space to dream

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    A SRCCON 2017 workshop on privilege, journalism, and dreaming of something better.

  4. Just One Thing: A Year in Review, Part 3

    Appreciation of usefulness and bar-raising at the end of a long, complicated year

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    As we did last year, we’ve asked a couple of dozen people from all around the news-nerd community to tell us about one thing—article, feature, app, tool, or something else entirely—that they loved in 2015. This week, we’re publishing their responses, from interactives to project management software. We hope you find here at least one thing that eases your work, inspires new angles on your stories, and helps carry you through to 2016.

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