Bring Us Yer Bots

Time to round up your bot thoughts for #Botweek 2016

(Tim Robinson)

Our third annual Source #Botweek will kick off April 25, 2016, bringing another batch of automation-related project teardowns and walkthroughs, bot-centric how-tos, and considerations of the challenges and implications of bots in newsrooms.

Whether you’re an automation pro or someone building her first Twitterbot empire, we’d love to hear about your adventures in news-gathering bots, chatbots, automated storymakers, serendipity-finders, bot-monitors, even boticide. We’ll be publishing a mix of technical breakdowns and wider thoughts about bots, and if you’re wrestling with bot problems or enjoying automated successes, you probably have something to contribute.

Send us your pitches anytime or your drafts by April 13—we can’t wait to see what your bots have been up to.



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