Hello from SRCCON 2018

How to follow along, plus a special OpenNews announcement

Throwback to SRCCON 2017. (Erik Westra)

Source is back at SRCCON in Minneapolis, ready to gather with 300 news nerds for two full days. Together we’ll experiment in the open, support one another, and work on all kinds of ways to lead change.

This year—our fifth—is particularly special because we’ve just announced an OpenNews transition, with Director Dan Sinker leaving in July and Deputy Director Erika Owens moving into the role.

Be Part of Our Work Wherever You Are

If you can’t be here with us in person this week, do not fear. We’ve got some ideas.

Pivot to People

OpenNews has transformed so much over the past seven years because as Dan Sinker writes in his farewell post: “As you listen to the people working in the field, you realize that the problems facing journalism are far less technical in nature and far more human.”

So, beyond SRCCON, we’ve got one more big thing in the works. We’re marking the newest chapter of OpenNews with our very first donor campaign, helping us ensure that we continue to grow and transform in all the ways that journalism needs.

It’s a great time to be part of OpenNews, and we’re so happy you’re here, wherever you are.



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