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everything happens so much (Roosevelt Sinker)

To close #botweek, we got an assist from Jacob Harris to create a our own bot. Its parting thoughts:

Humans write the rules and the bots execute on them.
Some networks are considered unreliable.
The peak detector was set to filter that agent.
Is that all there is?
Do people click.
To do discrete units of a bot would have people think tanks.
Fans of whimsy we have no desire to take it away from internet when we find it.
And what’s an Assyriologist?
One original article format.
But this.
One night.
One week Automated news-gathering tools aren’t so more so there’s money left at some new novelty Twitter account.
It’s not because they perform some Turing-test trickery there’s no confusing the best bots with humans.
Click on the machinery to our bots written in handy to add the same code above can make a m.
There are all bad.
Which We generally harmless agent.
I’m not HTML.



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