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  1. Every Working Journalist in the U.S. Needs to Understand the 2020 Census. We’ll Help You Host a Workshop On It.

    By Joe Amditis

    Posted on

    The Center for Cooperative Media has put together a guide to help you organize a 2020 Census workshop for local journalists.

  2. Forms Matter

    By Lena Groeger

    Posted on

    Whether you’re filling out a form or building it yourself, you should be aware that decisions about how to design a form have all kinds of hidden consequences. How you ask a question, the order of questions, the wording and format of the questions, even whether a question is included at all—all affect the final result.

  3. How I Investigated Uber Surge Pricing in D.C.

    By Jennifer A. Stark

    Posted on

    As part of my research with the Tow Center, I investigated the geographical and demographic data around how Uber works in D.C., to find out if its wait times varied by neighborhood (and, as a result, by demographic). Here’s how I did it.

  4. Inside the Wall Street Journal’s Prediction Calculator

    By Martin Burch

    Posted on

    We made an interactive based on a government agency’s method of predicting a person’s race and ethnicity based solely on their name and address. The response from our readers was, fittingly, a little unpredictable.

  5. Anatomy of the “Living Apart” map

    By Jeff Larson and Erika Owens

    Posted on

    Last month, ProPublica launched the Living Apart series with an investigation into the Fair Housing Act of 1968 and an interactive map showing the migration of African Americans from 1890-2010.

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