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  1. What I Learned Recreating One Chart Using 24 Tools

    By Lisa Charlotte Rost

    Posted on

    Lessons learned from trying to create one chart with as many applications, libraries, and programming languages as possible.

  2. If Your Reporters Aren’t Making Their Own Charts You’re Wasting Everyone’s Time

    By Becky Bowers and David Yanofsky

    Posted on

    Someone could screw it up” is a terrible excuse not to cede control. We hear it often as a defense of why a newsroom doesn’t let its reporters make their own charts. It sounds reasonable enough, but when you consider the deluge of other types of content that come out of a newsroom getting swiftly edited to the highest standard, it becomes easy to see how the possibility of “screwing it up” is a terrible excuse. It’s time to think about and produce graphics in the same way that we do paragraphs: crafted by a reporter and vetted by an editor for both substance and style.

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