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  1. New Open Source Tools for Journalism Educators

    By Allison Lichter Joseph

    Posted on

    Tools and resources, including a cool deck of cards, to teach journalism or just get yourself out of a rut.

  2. How We Made Our School Segregation Interactive

    By Alvin Chang and Erin Kissane

    Posted on

    We really appreciated Vox’s recent illustrated interactive on school segregation and gerrymandering—particularly because its creator, Alvin Chang, worked alongside Tomas Monarrez, a UC Berkeley economics PhD candidate.

  3. Why Journalism Students Don’t Learn CS

    By Lindsey Cook

    Posted on

    Opportunities overfloweth in journalism code—so why aren’t more journalism students signing up for computer science classes? Lindsey Cook reports back on a year of research.

  4. SchoolBook

    By Tyson Evans

    Posted on

    The New York Times and WNYC have joined forces on a new site dedicated to news, data and conversation about schools in New York City. SchoolBook is now the main place to find coverage of schools in New York by The Times and WNYC. SchoolBook’s home page will mix those news, feature and multimedia stories with essays by members of the education community, as well as photos, videos, queries, comments and more.

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