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  1. How to bring new perspectives to journalism

    By Andrew Losowsky and Ariel Zirulnick

    Posted on

    Reflections and lessons from organizing Perspectives LA during ONA 2022.

  2. Network mapping: Learn a 30-minute strategy to find the right audience for your next project (and have fun doing it!)

    By Bridget Thoreson

    Posted on

    Whether you’re developing a newsroom-wide strategy for connecting with audiences or you’re looking to quickly find sources for a single story, network mapping allows you to identify what you’re seeking to connect with audiences about, who cares about that topic and how you can reach them.

  3. Engagement Isn’t a Project, It’s a Way of Making News

    By Angilee Shah

    Posted on

    Engagement is not something you simply add to an organizational chart or a budget. If you want to be engaged with the people you are trying to serve, you have to change what you prioritize in your newsroom.

  4. How a Community Engagement Editor Can Transform Your Newsroom’s Work

    By Lindsay Muscato

    Posted on

    What does a community engagement editor do? What could such a role do for your newsroom? Derrick Cain of Resolve Philly explains his philosophy

  5. Creating an API of Veterans Affairs’ data

    By Cole Goins, Erika Owens, and Shane Shifflett

    Posted on

    The Center for Investigative Reporting recently released an API of data from the US Department of Veterans Affairs, which it compiled in reporting on a backlog of disability claims.

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