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Articles tagged: forms

  1. Forms Matter

    By Lena Groeger

    Posted on

    Whether you’re filling out a form or building it yourself, you should be aware that decisions about how to design a form have all kinds of hidden consequences. How you ask a question, the order of questions, the wording and format of the questions, even whether a question is included at all—all affect the final result.

  2. Building Better Story Formats for Live Coverage

    By Hamilton Boardman, Alastair Coote, and Tiff Fehr

    Posted on

    Live coverage is a big challenge for newsrooms. It sits at the intersection of high stress moments and production-intensive story forms. We use a variety of tools to help us with breaking news, but they’re typically not forms we use day to day. And on top of that, we still need to think about improvements and new ways to reach our readers. SRCCON 2017 provided a unique opportunity for us to discuss the pros and cons of story forms we use for breaking news and live coverage.

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