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  1. Stuck in a Rut? Tackle Newsroom Frustrations With Board Games

    By Sara Konrad Baranowski and Andrea Suozzo

    Posted on

    For our SRCCON session, we wanted to capture some of these workplace frustrations, but approach solutions in a different way. What if, instead of feeling discouraged and overwhelmed, we developed processes to boil those challenges down to their basic elements—people involved, tasks, obstacles and goals? What if we figured out how to tackle each challenge in a measured way, one step at a time?

  2. How We Made “Spot the Ball”

    By Alastair Coote, Erin Kissane, Sam Manchester, and Rumsey Taylor

    Posted on

    Even among the many wonderful World Cup interactives and news apps we saw this year, the NYT’s Spot the Ball was a standout, both in conception and execution. We spoke with the team behind it about the project’s design, world-class Photoshopping, and surprising inspiration.

  3. Finding the Story in 150 Million Rows of Data

    By Joanna S. Kao

    Posted on

    Al Jazeera America’s Joanna S. Kao on annotating and visualizing the Adobe database hack.

  4. The GEN Newsgaming Hackathon

    By Alex Bordens, David Eads, and Ryan Mark

    Posted on

    Last weekend, ten teams participated in a competition to develop newsgames at Editors’ Lab New York, a hackathon organized by the Global Editors Network and The New York Times. Combining the fantastical and playful aspects of gaming with hard news is a hard problem and there are few examples of well-conceived and executed newsgames. Thanks to the hack day, there are now a few more.

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