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Articles tagged: GeoJSON

  1. How We Built a Lifetime Eclipse Predictor

    By Denise Lu

    Posted on

    The idea for our lifetime eclipse-finder project is based around a widely used NASA database of eclipse predictions. The data is dense (5,000 years worth) and I was surprised that nobody in the media dataviz community has really taken advantage of the dataset, in recent years at least.

  2. How the Guardian Made RioRun

    By Aliza Aufrichtig, Kenan Davis, Jan Diehm, Rich Harris, Lauren Leatherby, and Nadja Popovich

    Posted on

    RioRun is an “interactive podcast” that takes you on a guided tour of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic marathon course—all 26.2 miles of it—as you run. Here’s how we made it.

  3. Introducing Landline and Stateline

    By Al Shaw

    Posted on

    Today we’re releasing code to make it easier for newsrooms to produce maps quickly. Landline is an open source JavaScript library for turning GeoJSON data into browser-based SVG maps. It comes with Stateline, which builds on Landline to create U.S. state and county choropleth maps with very little code out-of-the-box.

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