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  1. Using data to investigate inequality, and building a network to find solutions

    By Delgerzaya Delgerjargal

    Posted on

    At a recent Open Data Day hackathon in Mongolia, a community grew around their exploration of place, pollution, and transit.

  2. Década Votada, a News App to Track Voting Records

    By Mariano Blejman

    Posted on

    In April 2013, Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires hosted a hackathon on D3.js. As part of a project co-sponsored by the International Center for Journalists, Knight-Mozilla OpenNews provided seed funding to the winning project, an app called “Década votada” (q decade in votes).

  3. How We Made It: Your Hospital May Be Hazardous To Your Health

    By Justin Falcone

    Posted on

    Your Hospital may be Hazardous to Your Health is an interactive web presentation on the widespread danger of in-hospital injury, built in a single week by PBS Frontline, ProPublica, and Ocupop.

  4. How We Made Finding Care

    By David Eads and Maria Ines Zamudio

    Posted on

    The Chicago MigraHack, held earlier this month, focused on the use of technology and open data to produce innovative apps and information tools on immigration and related topics. Nine teams participated, and we spoke with two members of the team that produced Finding Care, winner of the prize for best storytelling with data visualization.

  5. The GEN Newsgaming Hackathon

    By Alex Bordens, David Eads, and Ryan Mark

    Posted on

    Last weekend, ten teams participated in a competition to develop newsgames at Editors’ Lab New York, a hackathon organized by the Global Editors Network and The New York Times. Combining the fantastical and playful aspects of gaming with hard news is a hard problem and there are few examples of well-conceived and executed newsgames. Thanks to the hack day, there are now a few more.

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