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Articles tagged: natural language processing

  1. Low-Budget Natural Language Processing

    By Dan Zajdband

    Posted on

    We can take advantage of our human ability to analyze natural language and use really simple techniques to assist and amaze our users. Here are a couple of ways to use these techniques in your own projects.

  2. Introducing broca

    By Francis Tseng

    Posted on

    Made at our recent code convening, broca creates a system for easier experimentation and implementation of natural language processing.

  3. How We Made the (New) California Cookbook

    By Megan Garvey, Erin Kissane, Lily Mihalik, and Anthony Pesce

    Posted on

    At the Los Angeles Times, a design-editorial-programming team has resurrected the spirit of the beloved, out-of-print California Cookbook as a new website collecting hundreds of recipes from the Times Test Kitchen. In our Q&A;, the project’s editor, designer, and lead programmer share their goals and challenges, and offer a peek at the site’s building blocks and planned future.

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